KECC is pleased to offer two options for persons interested attaining a deeper understanding of J. Krishnamurti’s teaching:

Study Sessions

Group study sessions will be offered on Saturdays of the first and third weekend each month from 1 – 3 pm.

The basic text for study will be the classic text “First and Last Freedom” by J.Krishnamurti. These sessions aim to provide the opportunity for a sustained inquiry into the themes covered by his teaching. For more information, see Krishnamurti Study Group.

The sessions are hosted by David Bruneau, who taught at the Krishnamurti school that once operated at this location and has a long-time familiarity with Krishnamurti’s teaching.

These sessions are free of charge. A special opportunity for deeper immersion is offered the first Saturday of the month.  Session participants will be able to stay over for a nominal $20 fee, plus tax, with access to videos and books in our A-V library, and then attend our Inquiry Sunday morning and afternoon sessions.

Personal Study Retreats

For an in-depth exploration of Krishnamurti’s teaching, accommodation will be offered at a discounted rate of $40/night, without meals. We do not want interested persons to miss this opportunity due to financial constraints, so please contact us if this is the case.

Participants will have study materials available  that include books, selected readings and videos.  They will also have the opportunity to connect with a resource person without charge.

The basic study package will cover an introduction to Krishnamurti’s teaching.  Further packages will be made available for specific study themes, such as meditation, fear, freedom and the ending of conflict. Customized study materials for other topics of special interest can also be prepared.

Please contact us to register or for more information.