“This place could be an oasis for mankind.”

J.Krishnamurtion his visit to KECC in 1978

“The beauty of this place is like a blessing, and its silence sharpens awareness of the harmony inherent in all of Nature, including the human heart.  It has been rereshing to stay here, een though so briefly.  May this centre help to bring inner change and purity of mind and heart to all those who come for a quiet time.”

Radha BurnierPresident of the International Theosophical Society

“This place is magical. There is great beauty and unmistakable austerity. Its simplicity is elegant and nature is breathtaking. One can get lost in it and yet the dialogue kept us and others absolutely awake. And that watchfulness is alive in us and will keep us in a state of unknowable learning… This Centre must be preserved for centuries to unfold so that its blessings will confer a vibrant dynamic peace to everyone who wanders into this sacred spot in search of learning.” 


“Thanks again for making my retreat such a memorable one. I was so delighted with EVERYTHING!! It was the perfect gift for my soul. I truly enjoyed our interesting, thought provoking talks. I appreciated the welcoming ambiance, clean lodgings and the attention to quiet and privacy….The land is so exquisite, what a wonderful discovery of nature with spectacular ocean views and awesome hiking trails, all within a beautiful, safe and serene setting. I will surely return.  Thank you.”


“This retreat was everything I wanted, needed, hoped for and much more. I cannot put in words what the ‘more’ is. I am home. Thank you.”

S.B.Cowichan Lake, B.C.

“The weekend went wonderfully.  Good dialogues, good video selection, great food, great people.  I would recommend everyone to come and enjoy the beautiful grounds, lovely facilities and grand vistas.”


“This was an excellent retreat! Thank you to the organizers.  The setting is superb, the food is delicious and the accommodation is perfect – spacious, tranquil and healing.” 


“I must say the weekend was beyond all my expectations.  It was wonderful being with a group of people who were so respectful, kind, understanding and with great listening skills. Exhilarating!”


“The dialogues were a wonderful experience. The facilities were impeccable. Ralph and David gave the participants the proper amount of guidance and unlimited space to express our observations.  The new technique of one-on-one dialogue worked extremely well with all participants having a favorable reaction.  All in all, an extremely positive experience.”


“Thank you so much for having this occasion, allowing me to join with like-minded spirits.  The chance to experience the teachings with guidance and kindness, beautiful natural surroundings, made the retreat very special.  The meals were absolutely wonderful.  This has been such a good way to become more familiar with the teachings.”


“I’m very grateful to have been able to attend.  I have connected deeply with the work of K. I’m feeling heard and acknowledged about my sense of having had some new experiences of joining, expanding, settling – connecting with a deeper part of myself.”