The Light of Pure Knowing

 Meditations by Rupert Spira

June 22-24, 2018 (Fri 7 pm to Sun 4:30 pm)

Rupert Spira, a well-respected, contemporary non-dual teacher has compiled a series of audio meditations entitled ‘The Light of Pure Knowing’ that, when received together, guide the participant into a direct understanding of the non-dual experience. In this intensive retreat, we will engage in a shared experience of meditation and contemplation of this approach.

These meditations are not available on-line, so this event provides a rare opportunity to dive deeply into Spira’s teaching.

The facilitator for this event is Passia Pandora who has for the past two years conducted meetups on non-duality at the University of Victoria and is happy to share her passion about this approach.


NB: This weekend experience will provide the foundation for further non-dual meditations from “The Light of Pure Knowing’ on the second Sundays of every month!  See the KECC website for more information.

(including private accommodation and meals):

Early-bird rate*:   $170
Regular rate:         $190

*before May 22

To allow everyone a direct experience of the non-dual teaching, we offer this residential opportunity at a very special rate.

Note: Private accommodation is limited and on a first-come basis.



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