Healing Your Traumas Weekend Retreat

Healing Your Trauma with the Living Inquiries July 21 – 23, 2017 This weekend retreat was facilitated by Lynn Fraser and Fiona Murphy. Lynn is a Senior Facilitator Trainer of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries and a senior teacher in the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation. She works online and internationally…Read more

Krishnamurti Study Group

Krishnamurti Study Group Saturday, July 15, 2017-07-17   Four people gathered on the front lawn to explore the text The First and Last Freedom, Q & A # 12, on the topic “Boredom and Interest.” K point out in this section that we are always escaping from uncomfortable feelings and asks what happens…Read more

Victoria Krishnamurti Event

Victoria Krishnamurti Event July 7, 2017 This month’s meeting at the Church of Truth focused on the topic “Observing Without the Observer.” Four people were in attendance as we began with a sixteen minute video clip of Krishnamurti speaking at Brockwood Park on August 28, 1979. He approached the issue…Read more

Weekend Retreat at the Centre

Preparing the Ground for Meditation Weekend Reteat with Dr. Ashwani Kumar July 7 – 9 Krishnamurti Educational Centre of Canada Dr. Ashwani Kumar is currently a professor of Education at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax. He has been seriously engaged with J. Krishnamurti’s work for more than 14 years…Read more

Inquiry Sunday at the Centre

Our morning session, attended by six people, focused on viewing a video of Gangaji on the topic of “Unravelling the Knot of Suffering”. It was made in 2002, but the subject matter was timeless in looking at the basic causes of suffering and the remedy for the condition. The issue…Read more

Krishnamurti Study Group, July 1, 2017

Canada Day was celebrated by four participants with an exploration of Q & A # 11 in J. Krishnamurti’s book The First and Last Freedom. The subject of the chapter was “On Fear” and began with looking at the idea of attempting to get rid of fear. Whatever is overcome…Read more

Being In Awareness - June 24th Stillness Within Gathering

A lovely Saturday afternoon welcomed 8 of us to Swanwick Centre for a series of group exercises or experiments in sensing and falling into awareness in deeper ways.  The group who came together had walked many paths but all shared a passion for discovery, sharing and deepening into stillness or…Read more

Skype with Darryl Bailey

DEFINITIONS SIMPLY DO NOT APPLY! Review of the Skype session with Darryl Bailey – Sunday June 25, 2017 On behalf of Robert Keegan, this post is an attempt to define the happening that we call a Skype session with a so-called nondual teacher/speaker labelled Darryl Bailey. The session started with…Read more
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