Yoga and Krishnamurti

A public talk & weekend retreat with Dr. Ravi Ravindra

Date: April 15-17, 2016 (Fri. 7 pm to Sun. 4:30 pm)

Born and educated in India before moving to Canada, Ravi Ravindra holds master’s degrees in technology, physics, and philosophy and a Ph.D. in physics. He was the founding director of the Threshold Award for Integrative Knowledge and is currently professor emeritus at Dalhousie University in Halifax, where he was professor and chair of comparative religion and adjunct professor of physics. His books include 'Science and the Sacred', 'Krishnamurti: Two Birds on One Tree', and 'Whispers from the Other Shore'. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

All great masters are original, but not necessarily novel. They are original in the real sense of the word—they are close to the origins. Therefore, they each express truth in their own quite unique way. There is a general mistaken notion abroad that Krishnamurti was against tradition. What concerned him was the betrayal of the real tradition of self-inquiry and perceptions of a still mind. In a conversation with Ravi in 1983, K. said, “The trouble with India is that the Brahmins have forgotten the tradition.”

The presence of a modern sage like Krishnamurti helps us in understanding the insights of other sages too, each one of whom expresses their insights in a unique way. We will explore some of the commonalities, as well as differences, between the general Yoga tradition and the teaching of Krishnamurti in order to deepen our understanding of both. Our basic emphasis will be on exploration of how these teachings relate to our own lives by engaging in some exercises of self-inquiry and watching without inner commentary.


There will be an introductory public talk on "The Purpose of Yoga and the Teaching of J. Krishnamurti", on Friday, April 15, 7:00 pm at the Church of Truth in Victoria B.C. (111 Superior St., James Bay). Suggested donation: $15, except for workshop registrants.

This evening talk and exchange will be about the purpose of the practice of Yoga in the classical text “The Yoga Sutras” attributed to the great sage Patañjali. We will explore this in the light of the teachings of the great modern sage J. Krishnamurti. This talk is sponsored by KECC and the Hatha Yoga Association of Victoria.

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