Bodymeditation and Krishnamurti

A weekend yoga retreat with  Oda Lindner 

April 27-29, 2018  (Friday: 7 pm – Sunday 4:30 pm)


Oda Lindner is a registered yoga therapist and instructor who trained with Desikachar, who was also Krishnamurti’s yoga teacher. She is an experienced workshop leader who is passionate about the potential for yoga to create greater awareness in daily living. She lives in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

During this weekend workshop we will engage both our body and our mind by using a combination of slow movements and an investigation of different aspects of Krishnamurti’s teachings. We will weave together a deep sense of being in the body with a careful awareness of “seeing what is”

Our practices will include reflections. meditations and a number of slow yoga sequences developed by TKV Desikachar who was Krishnamurti’s Yoga teacher for many years.

During our sessions we will track mental and physical habits that keep us in the shell of our separate selves and will use pointers from Krishnamurti to find the “immeasurable distance of limitless space and being” that underlies everything. This may open us to the ground of being and to a more conscious, aware and open life.

Weather permitting, sessions will be held outdoors on the lovely Centre grounds.



Shared accommodation (double occupancy) with meals:
Weekend (Fri – Sun): regular rate: $250   Early bird rate*: $220

Private accommodation with meals:
Weekend (Fri – Sun): regular rate: $300   Early bird rate*: $270

Day Commuter – with meals:
Weekend (Fri – Sun): regular rate: $190    Early bird rate*: $170

Day Commuter – without meals:
Weekend (Fri – Sun): regular rate: $140    Early bird rate*: $120

* valid up to 30 days before the event.


Extend your stay for up to 3 days at a reduced rate of $40/night.

Persons with financial constraints may be offered a special discount. Please contact the program manager, Ralph Tiller.



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