The 2017 Science & Non-duality Conference

The 2017 Science & Non-duality Conference (with live streaming)

 October 20-22, 2017  (Fri. 7 pm – Sun.  4:30 pm)


This Science and Non-Duality (SAND) weekend retreat will include live streaming from the ‘2017 Science and Non-Duality Conference’ in San Jose, CA and features leading spiritual teachers and scientists that reframe our understanding of spirituality and point to the fundamentally non-dual nature of reality.

This year at SAND we will explore that edge where knowledge meets the unknown and the unknowable. We will navigate that space where something else takes over – call it intuition, deeper knowing, trust, surrender – a place from which new discoveries in science and realizations in spirituality become possible. What is the horizon of our current knowledge, and where are we expanding the edge of the unknown?

What if science and spirituality, while responding to our collective aspiration to grow as a species in a world filled with mystery and wonder, would no longer need to carry the burden of having all the answers? What if our search is considered open-ended, rather then having to arrive at a grand theory of life or at a final state of enlightenment? What if, while we probe deeper into reality and who we are, we realize that the knowledge we gather is just a stepping-stone and not the arrival at a final destination?

Live streaming of sessions with leading presenters will be complemented with opportunities for dialogue and nature walks on the beautiful Centre grounds.

To make this groundbreaking conference as accessible as possible, rates have been deeply discounted.

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Shared accommodation (double occupancy) with meals:

Regular rate:   $200              Early bird rate*:  $170

Private accommodation with meals:

Regular rate:   $250              Early bird rate*:  $220

Day Commuter – with meals:

Regular rate:   $140              Early bird rate*:    $120

Day Commuter – without meals:

Regular rate:     $90              Early bird rate*:    $70

* valid up to 30 days before the event


Extend your weekend with a personal retreat for up to 3 nights for a discounted rate of only $40 per night.


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