The Direct Path to Peace and Happiness

 A weekend retreat with Rupert Spira, on DVD 

December 8-10, 2017  (Fri. 7 pm  to Sun. 4:30 pm)


Rupert Spira is a highly regarded teacher of the non-dual recognition of truth and reality. He has acknowledged J.Krishnamurti to have been an important influence in his own spiritual journey.

This weekend is based on videotaped talks by Rupert at a recent retreat in Amsterdam. In an illuminating exploration of the nature of awareness, he guides us to:

“…the experiential realization that the true nature of the apparently inside self and the apparently outside world are one single reality made out of the transparent light of Awareness, that is, made out of the intimacy of our own being.

This revelation of understanding and love strikes at the heart of the fundamental presumption upon which our world culture is founded, the presumption of duality – I, the separate inside self, and you or it, the separate outside object, other or world…

This is the only true revolution, the revolution in which our view of reality is turned upside down. Awareness – pure Knowing – is not just the witness of experience. It is its substance, its very nature. Everything changes when we begin to live from this point of view. We realize that what we have always longed for in life was present all along in the depths of our own being. It is always available, never truly veiled. To begin with it is often felt as peace in the background of experience but it cannot be contained and before long it begins to flow out into the world as joy, freedom, love and creativity.”

The weekend includes talks on DVD, dialogues, silent periods and meditative walks in nature.

The facilitators are Ralph Tiller, the Centre’s program manager, and David Bruneau who teaches meditation and facilitates dialogues.  Both live in Victoria, BC.



Shared accommodation (double occupancy) with meals:
Regular rate:   $250                Early bird rate*:  $220

Private accommodation with meals:
Regular rate:   $300                Early bird rate*:  $270

Day Commuter – with meals:
Regular rate:   $190                Early bird rate*:  $170

Day Commuter – without meals:
Regular rate:   $140                Early bird rate*:  $120

* valid up to 30 days before the event

Extend your weekend with a personal retreat for up to 3 nights for a discounted rate of only $40 per night.

We wish to make this event affordable to everyone with a deep interest. If you are experiencing financial constraints, please contact Ralph Tiller, the program manager.


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