A Contemplative Winter Retreat

A Contemplative Winter Retreat
Facilitated by:  David Bruneau and Lynne Walker

January 26-28, 2018 (Friday 7 pm to Sunday 4:30 pm)


A guided personal retreat for looking at the nature of thought, the stuck places of habit, the wisdom of the body, and the silence of presence.

The weekend is intended as an opportunity for relaxation of the normally busy self, in keeping with the natural inward movement of winter, as well as a space for renewal. The grounds of the Centre offer a context of beauty, with lovely walks in forest and along the cliffs and beach. Vegetarian meals are catered for in this fully residential weekend.

There will be guided meditations, silent sits, time for quiet reflection and personal journalling around significant questions. A daily group dialogue, short readings and audio/video selections of J. Krishnamurti and other non-dual teachers will supplement this otherwise silent retreat.

The facilitators for this event are David Bruneau and Lynne Walker. They have guided many retreats and dialogues at the Centre.

NB: For those who are interested, this weekend experience will provide the foundation for a year long Self Inquiry course starting February 2018 and based on the book “Reflections on the Self”  by J. Krishnamurti.  There is no charge for participating.  More course info here: Reflections on the Self

(including private accommodation and meals):

Early-bird rate*:   $170
Regular rate:         $190

*before January 6

As a New Year’s special, we offer this wonderful opportunity at a great price.

Note: Private accommodation is limited and on a first-come basis.



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