The Quest for Truth

A public talk and weekend retreat with Prof. P. Krishna
May 12-14, 2017 (Fri 7 pm – Sun 4:30 pm)

Human consciousness is innately curious. From times immemorial, human beings have asked questions and inquired into them to find answers. For example:

How was the universe created? Why are there so many species of life? Why does the sun rise and set? What was the origin of life? Why is Nature orderly? What laws govern that order? Our attempt to answer such questions has created the modern scientific quest for truth and reality.
Similarly human beings have inquired into questions like: What is the purpose of life? Is it possible to be free of sorrow in human consciousness? Is it possible to end violence and conflict? What is right living? What is death? Is our consciousness a product of the brain and does it end with death? Our attempts to answer such questions became the religious quest for truth. The different established religions were by-products of this quest.

In this retreat we shall consider what are parallels in these two quests and where do they diverge? Are they antagonistic to each other and from where does that antagonism arise? If there is only one science why are there so many different religions? Is the truth in this field different for different people?

What is a religious mind and what do we mean by truth? Is it possible to live with a mind that is both scientific and religious? These are some of the questions we shall explore together in this retreat.

Prof. P. Krishna is currently in charge of the Krishnamurti study center at the Rajghat Education Center of the Krishnamurti Foundation India in Varanasi, India. He was the long-time Rector of the Center and is a trustee of the Foundation. He has written articles and books on various issues relating to the teachings of J. Krishnamurti and has given talks on education, science and society all over the world. His views on these topics can be read on his website He is also the author of a recent book: “A Jewel on a Silver Platter: Remembering J. Krishnamurti” Lulu press (


There will be an introductory talk on Friday evening, May 12 at 7:30 pm, on the overall theme of the weekend retreat. This talk will be held at the Centre and is open to the public. Suggested donation: $15.



Shared accommodation (double occupancy) with meals:
Regular rate: $250 Early bird rate*: $220

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Regular rate: $190 Early bird rate*: $170

Day Commuter – without meals:
Regular rate: $140 Early bird rate*: $120

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Extend your weekend with a personal retreat of up to 3 nights for a discounted rate of only $40 per night.

Persons with financial constraints may be offered a special discount. Please contact the program manager, Ralph Tiller.


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